Monday, December 20, 2010

Trying not to be controlled by others

The subject of love has inspired poets, writers, those lucky in love as well as who have been passed over by Cupid, to comment on in memorable quotations. Wise quotes, funny quotes, bitter quotes, profound quotes, silly quotes and it seems as if everyone has something to say on the the subject. 

Pink rose 
"When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out."

One of the most thoughtful -- and most expensive gifts -- one lover can give to another a letter, chocolates, roses n others flowers that expresses how one feels about the other.     
     Imagine finding such a missive on your pillow one night. Not only would it affirm your love for the moment; it would be a treasure to preserve for a lifetime. And it can also do wonders to soothe a hurt after a fight or misunderstanding.

    BUT... Love not always make u sMiLe.. Happy... NOT ACTUALLY!! Only one love maKe u haPPy forever n ever!! dat's are Love for ALLAH n ur parents... But.. Love for s0meone who's n0thing f0r you juz onLy makes u hurts!! when both of u are fight.... Wat actually cause a lover are fight?? There are misunderstanding!! There are also when there are no trustful to each other!! One lover also trying control their couples... 

So man!! st0p controlled me!! 

Stop asking me where to go, what to feel, who to be....!! 
Don’t trap me in this cage, let me go, set me free. I want to flutter like a butterfly, sing like a bird
Sail the raging ocean, to talk and then be heard.
I want to learn the art lf loving, feel like the others...
Hold a body close, to know the love I miss
Why not let me live, speak the words I have to say
Are you scared I might repeat, tales of yesterday
For tortured souls do talk, of pain they once endured
And all will pay their penance, that I can assure.

set me free.... I want to free.... N noW i'm free.... 

I'm haPPy n0w with0ut y0u... I'm happy n0w with ur l0VE.... ALLAH....

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